17 May 2009

The obituary they never write...

If I died today and someone decided to take the time to write an obituary, it would be all wrong. In it would be all the stuff I thought I needed to do to be worthy of life and the things I did while waiting to know better. Missing would be the moment I looked a hurt friend deep in the eyes and truly saw her and she me, that "me, too" that took the edge off for both of us. They don't write about that in the newspapers. They don't write about the dinner table belly laughs Kevin, Luke, Matt and I shared last week...and just how often that happened. They won't write about the fact that I was able to own and then leave to one side some of the damage my loving parents weren't able to keep to themselves. And they won't write about just how many moments I have been completely and fully aware that I am alive. Isn't that what really should be said? Isn't that what really should be known? Who cares where I worked or what I did while I was there? 

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