31 October 2011


Now I'm not sure whether or not to share this but I guess the truth is the truth and it's hopeless to hide the enormous and mortifying depths of my pockets of ignorance.

We were all warned that the weather would be unpredictable and variable and that we'd have to sit out in it for hours no matter. I wanted to pack light so I essentially brought layers of black or dark gray clothing, one of them a hoodie sweatshirt I'd bought in the Los Angeles airport on a previous business trip when I'd forgotten to bring something to keep warm on the plane. I'd gotten compliments on it when I wore it around fun people from work so I thought nothing of it when I wore it to this first meeting.

As we went downstairs after it ended, a sweet man named Eric, a furniture-maker from New York, quietly pulled me aside in a way no else would notice. "May I ask you a question?"


"Did you know that that is a Nazi symbol?" he said, pointing to this image on my sweatshirt.

I had been sitting in the opening meeting for a retreat at Auschwitz wearing a sweatshirt with a Nazi symbol.


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