30 September 2006

Emailing Hemu again...

I let Hemu know I wouldn’t be coming back to the Swaminarayan temple on a regular basis.


The reason I'm not sure about coming back to the service is I feel that, given the language problem, I am a burden to you.

I wanted so much to understand, for myself, why everyone was laughing last time. I could see the obvious passion, wit and wisdom with which the sadhus spoke so I felt a deep longing to be able to hear their thoughts for myself. That is the reason I so look forward to their responses to my proposal and my questions. I see such devotion, grace and compassion in your mandir while at the same time I feel at a bit of a loss, even with all of your generosity, to really partake in it. Perhaps if I learn some more of the basics through hearing the sadhus thoughts about my path, and learn the meaning of some basic Hindu practices, I might then be able to return to the service and get more out of it on a personal level.


When I talked to Hemu on the phone some time after, she said I wasn’t a burden at all but she also understood. “Do you want me to tell you when the big events and festivals happen anyway?”

“Of course.”

Hemu mentioned that the monk she’d asked to read an early draft of the first chapter, had tried and failed to read it at first because I’d seemed “so lost.” But sometime later, she sent me his thoughts when he was finally able to get through it.

Jai Swaminarayan

I hope you are doing well.
It’s been a while since we communicated.

Below is (the sadhu’s) response on your writing proposal.

Initially it was stunning and confusing a little. After reading it again, it made more sense.

I re-read the package on my flight from Houston to Chicago. This time I wasn't shocked or stunned by the text but felt more comfortable reading what has been written. Aside from the personal confusions the writer has been through (to) date in terms of trying to understand God or religion, I believe that the project could be useful. I believe that by pursuing this project, the writer should definitely be able to better understand what different people of different faiths believe to be the purpose of life.

As far as the Hindu faith, I believe that the writer has come to one of the purest forms of Hindu practice and faith in the world today. The writer will be able to see people actually trying to imbibe or live the principles or teachings of Hinduism in their lives to the best of the ability. This book could maybe be viewed as a catalog for understanding different faiths.

This book could be of service to others IF each faith is portrayed correctly and totally.

This is what we have answered as of now. Have also sent the proposal to some senior Swamis for their input.

Sorry for the delay.

Jai Swaminarayan! Pallav Vaghashia for P. Kaivalyamurti Swami


I have been thinking of you a lot. I am so happy to hear from you.

And, wow, Hemu! What lovely and thoughtful comments from the sadhu. Please extend my sincere thanks for taking the time to both read and respond.


I missed Hemu.

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