18 October 2006

"I have a swami!?!"

Kevin and I went to pick up Luke from his girlfriend Amy’s house after dinner. Our route home took us within blocks of the Vedanta Society.

“That’s where my swami is!” I said, pointing to some treetops barely visible above a freeway ramp.

“That’s ‘where my swami is?!?’” Kevin smiled that gloaty smile. “I wish I’d had a tape that I could have played for you before we ever moved here: ‘No, really, this is what you’re going to say to me seven years from now’ - you never would have believed me. You would have told me to get out of the car.”

He was having a good time over on his side of the car.

But, who could argue?

18 October 2006

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  1. You are blessed to such a teacher in your life, and Kevin and all your friends will realize it eventually :)

    Ya Haqq!


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